VITA Tax Preparation-Extra Day

You, generally, qualify for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program if you…
-Earned $55,000 or less last year.
-Are disabled.
-Speak limited English.

Required Information to Process *Most* Returns:
-Driver’s License or Valid Photo ID for both you and your spouse (regardless of filing status).
-Social Security cards for yourself, your spouse, and any dependents (regardless of filing status).
-W-2 forms for jobs held during the year.
-1099 forms for other income such as interest, dividends, retirement, Social Security, unemployment, or self-employment information.
-If you paid child care…provide documentation listing providers name, address, tax ID #, and amount paid.
-Tuition expense statement (1098T) and/or student loan interest statement (1098E).
-Proof of expenses such as property tax, charitable contributions, dental or prescriptions, and unreimbursed medical.
-Health insurance exemption certification, if received.
-Form 1095A Health Coverage Statement (if applicable)
-A voided check if you want your refund to be direct deposited.


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