Worry-free finances — that’s the goal. We’ll help you become a smart decision-maker through workshops and one-on-one counseling that focuses on your specific financial needs.

Budgeting : Whether your goal is to buy a home, pay off debt or go back to school, achieving it is more likely if you set and stick to a budget. We’ll work with you to document your spending habits, identify areas where you can save and help establish a spending plan that works for you.

Credit Counseling : It doesn’t seem fair, but to get credit — a credit card, car or student loan, or a mortgage — you need a solid credit history. We’ll explain what makes up your credit score, review your credit report, help you correct any errors and recommend ways you can build credit and improve your score.

Financial Education : How would you rate your knowledge of money management basics? From setting up a bank account to setting long-term financial or saving goals, we’ll help you feel confident you’re taking the right steps to make the most of your money. And we’ll help you learn how to avoid dangers like credit scams and predatory lending.

Micro-Lending : Do you run a small business like a photography studio, cleaning company or handyman service? Or are you thinking about starting one? Through our partnership with Justine Petersen, we may be able to help you access “micro-loans” to get your business off the ground or acquire the necessary equipment.

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